Creative investments

Scandinavian Capital Holdings is a modern investment company with focus on Venture Capital and Real Estate investments. We offer the same level of reliability and knowledge as investment banks and market leaders, but with greater involvement, energy and a cutting-edge approach. Our focus is growth, our passion is people and our goal is no less than bringing tech revolution to the property and venture capital investment industries. Through our PropTech and FinTech solutions we optimize property search, project management, investment analytics, construction methods, property education and more. We have solutions for investment beginners and professional investors, success- hungry entrepreneurs and startup veterans, for safe players and those who dare.


1. Bring tech revolution to the property and venture capital investment industries by creating a complete set of tech and intellectual products that cover every step of the professional investment process

2. Create a global conglomerate of companies and influencers in real estate and venture capital investments that become number one choice for people searching for financial peace

3. Change the start-up success ratio from 1:10 to 5:10

4. Challenge the stiff image of financial firms and be perceived and approached as an investment company with a heart and goodwill


As it was once Bill Gates’s vision to put a computer on every desk in every home, we aim for bringing financial peace to every person regardless of social status, priorities, and goals.


To make our vision a reality, we implement FinTech and PropTech solutions to tailor our investment and financial services after the specific needs of our clients and their current circumstances, so that everybody could achieve sustainable returns on their investments and stability for their businesses regardless of where they stand in their life and business right now.