Creating opportunities

Through our PropTech real estate solutions, we optimize property search, project management, investment analytics, construction methods and more. Unlike other property investment companies, the majority in our team are self-made property investors, who know how to build a successful investment portfolio from scratch, understand which deal with be 100% in line with your goals and always work hands-on with your project.

We don’t aim for short-term profits, we believe in long-term gains and strategic approach. To achieve that we have focused on four core pillars in property investments – right market, satisfied investors, knowledgeable team and effective execution.

1) World’s leading investment markets

We work with some of the world’s leading investment markets: Spain, UK, Sweden, and Norway. This guarantees us a great combination of deal opportunities and stability regardless of the market situation. This also exposes us and our clients to a broad international network of investment professionals. Read more about our markets here

2) Personalized approach

Investment is always a personal project and we aim to tailor our cases 100% fit. We create opportunities for investment beginners and professional investors, for safe players and those who dare, for those who want to know as much as the brick label and construction team names, and those who want to save time. 

3) Hands-on execution

The majority of our team are self-made property investors, who know how to build a successful investment portfolio from scratch and do their work with passion. This means that we do not just dump the capital into a project, but have personal responsibility for every step of investment deal execution, from risk analytics and business plan to construction and financial management.

4) PropTech solutions

We value our client’s time and energy as much as we value ours. We are constantly improving the efficiency of our projects by doing research and implementing the latest tech solutions into our processes. We have significantly improved and optimized property search tools, project management tactics, investment analytics, construction methods, and property education. Read more about these projects among our real estate investment companies and venture capital brands.