We support the brave to grow good ideas into great companies

SCH Venture\nCapital is not just about money, it is about investing our time, energy,\nknowledge and passion. We encourage our potential clients and partners to chase\nthe vision, not the capital, and create conditions for them to do so by\nfollowing the principles of sweat equity and implementing FinTech and PropTech\nsolutions to make their businesses grow faster and stronger.\n\nWe win if\nyou win. If you are searching for a passive capital – we are not the right team\nfor you. To provide your company with opportunities for sustainable growth and\nmake sure that we share the same values and goals, we work hands-on together. \n\nDue to our\nexpertise in the field, SCH is primarily looking for collaborations in\nfinancial and property service branches. We offer support in various business\naspects, from board involvement, executive strategy and negotiations to\nfinance, marketing, team set-up, and networking.